Park District of La Grange Before & After School Recreational Experience

Child Care for school-age children exists to meet the needs of working parents and their children. One of the major goals of The Before and After School Program is to create a safe, secure and comforting environment and recreational experience for each child. We want the children to feel as if they were at home and our parents to have peace of mind.

The BASE Program is planned in response to the developmental needs of the children served. The Child Care program overlaps to some extent with both home and school, but has a separate identity. Since the BASE Program uses a block of time in which the child would ordinarily be at home, the program strives for more characteristics of home than school. The key to a successful program is to provide a recreational, safe, flexible and enriched curriculum with age appropriate activities to meet the developmental needs of the children and support to the family. The BASE program responds to a child’s need to be responsible, independent, and a contributor to the group. The program is also designed to emphasize and promote a positive self-concept in each child.

The success of our program is due to the active involvement of parents. The child care staff and parents share observations, insights and concerns regarding their child. Open communication by the BASE staff and our parents is the key to a successful outcome for each family.

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