Parent Information

Welcome to your source for all important BASE documents!

Policies and Procedures

Every parent received and signed the policies and procedures form when they registered their student for base. The policies and procedures contain information including Base schedules, late fees, refunds, specialty camps and more!

SD102 specialty camp 2018:19

BASE Policies & Procedures 2018-2019 SFX 4-20-18[3]


Back to School Parent Letters

Back to school letters were sent out to parents regarding the beginning of the school year and turning in schedules. This letter includes prices for the 1st prorated week of school. This letter also details the schedule process and deadline for the first two weeks of school.

Parent letter July 2018-19 Dist 102[2]

Parent letter July 2018-19 SFX Gr 1-8[1]

Parent letter July 2018-19 SFX Kindergarten[1]

Specialty Camp Dates

We offer specialty camps at the Park District on days there are no school. Please check out our camp dates and deadlines to secure your spot at camp!

SD102 specialty camp 2018:19

SFX specialty camp2018:19

BASE Schedules

This is the form you will use every week to let he base staff know when your child will be attending base. Base schedules are due every Thursday by 6pm at the base sites, 9pm at the Park District, or 9pm online.

BASE Schedule 2018-2019


Here you will find the fees for the base program for a standard week of base as well as specialty camps.


Registration Form

It’s important to register your child(ren) for the BASE program. If you would like to enroll in BASE please print off our Registration form and turn it into the Park District. The Park District is located at 536 East Avenue LaGrange, Il 60525. *Registering does not guarantee a spot in the program. Depending on availability at each school you may be placed on the waitlist.

Reg. form 2018-19 Grade K

Reg. form 2018-19 Grade 1+