Registration Letter

Registration letters were sent to families who currently attend Base. If you are new to the Base program, Welcome! This letter has information about the registration process. Please look it over before coming to the Park District to register.

Policies and Procedures

Each parent must sign the Base Policies and Procedures form when they register for Base. The Policies and Procedures form includes important information about turning in schedules for the first two weeks of school, late fees, holidays, specialty camps, and more! The Policies and Procedures form is attached with the other base Registration forms for your convenience.

Registration Forms 2021-2022

The files below contain the registration forms, waivers, policies and procedures, as well as several forms required for the Base program. Please take care to look over the Policies and Procedures from, it has important information regarding the beginning of the school year and turning in schedules.  This letter details the schedule process and deadline for the first week of school.

If your child has allergies, requires medication while at Base, or requires special services, please contact Leanna Hartung or Melissa Seaberg at The Park District of LaGrange and we will send you the appropriate forms.

Registration Forms for School District 102 Schools

Registration Forms for Saint Francis Xavier

For your convenience you may print the registration forms posted above or on the BASE home page.

Please make sure you choose the correct form to ensure your child is signed up at the correct school.    (Saint Francis Pre K- grade 8, School District 102 grades 1-6 or School District 102 Kindergarten)

Registration forms will also be available on site at the Park District during registration.